6 Life Lessons Learned ✧ Yoga During Pregnancy with Jacky Pagone


By Jacky Pagone (Guest Writer for YourPregnantCore.com) – Registered Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor with specialized training in Prenatal Fitness.

Founder of Yoga For Life Las Vegas – a non-profit dedicated to “Giving children and young adults tools for life to get the most out of their mind and body.”

Yoga is a lifelong companion.

It is there for you when you are young or old, happy or sad, fit or out of shape.

No matter where you are in life, yoga meets you there and supports you along your journey to feeling better from the inside out.

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is a great opportunity to observe many different aspects about herself and to create space for growth spiritually and physically.

Jacky Pagone
Jacky Pagone
  1. Preparation for motherhood.

Learn to accept yourself, love yourself for exactly where you are so that you can move beyond.

Having patience for yourself allows you to be patient with your child. We must be patient when we are learning a new pose, or exploring a new way to do a familiar pose.

This practice of listening when we feel anxious, frustrated or other un-calm emotions while we move silently on our mats, helps us to see this off of our mats when we are trying to rationalize with our toddlers or communicate with our teenagers.

This allows us to better recognize and manage our emotions, and help teach our children to do the same.

  1. Teaches us to understand sensations.

What is pain really?

We are holding Warrior 2 for 5 breaths and our quadriceps begin to quiver and burn…

Some people might say in their mind “yikes, this hurts!”

Others may have an internal dialogue of “I can feel theburn!”

And other people may say “this sensation makes me feel alive and well.”

Sensations are merely perspective.

You can change your thoughts about pain for childbirth simply by stepping back and noticing what are the sensations I am feeling?

How can I describe them differently?

Tingly? Hot? Strong? Pressure?

It allows us to be unattached to these sensations and redefine them in a more appropriate way. We can also share this knowledge with our children when they bump their knee learning to ride their bike, potentially preventing or redirecting an overly dramatized meltdown.

  1. Learn to breathe.

Yoga teaches calm breathing, perfect for birthing waves (contractions) and for chasing your toddler around.

By simply being aware of your breath, your breath changes.

It is impossible to hold tension in your mind and body and have relaxed breathing. The moment your breath softens even a little bit, so does your mind and body, an essential tool for having an easy birth and calm parenting. Even a short moment to take a conscious breath can help to re-direct your thoughts and energy to respond rather than

Jacky with 2nd baby Lia
Jacky with 2nd baby Lia


This is a simple and useful tool to teach your child. Practice breathing exercises with your child when one or both of you are feeling overwhelmed… you will both feel better!

  1. You get to be intimate.

Love your body during pregnancy and after. Birth is an intimate and exposing experience. Your body changes dramatically for 9 months as you share it with a growing human, an experience your husband will never fully understand.

During birth you are physically and emotionally exposed with your birth partner and your doctor or midwife, a time of intimate bonding as you together bring new life into this world.

We must come to terms with however your body has changed after your baby is born, along with the hormone changes during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding… (See The Beauty of Weight-Gain During Pregnancy)

Birth strips down your walls and shows you your true Self. Your yoga practice allows you to settle into this intimacy and accept whatever may arise through your experiences.

Yoga gives confidence, understanding and empowerment, even when you are feeling most vulnerable.

  1. It keeps you humble.

Let’s face it, you get fat, you get moody, your practice changes.

Nothing is more humbling than the practice of non-attachment.

Sometimes the ego has a hard time letting go, especially of those poses we want to keep doing…We quickly learn we cannot control everything, like our widening hips and protruding belly.

jackypagonepregnancywithhusbandHowever, we can begin to accept our body and lives will be different, and with acceptance and allowance, we step outside of ourselves for a moment and practice letting go, enjoying the process and change, and appreciating the lessons we didn’t know we needed to know.

There is a lesson to learn in every moment, if we can allow ourselves to see it.

  1. We learn true love.

On our mat we come face to face with our Self.

We begin to see our strengths and weaknesses physically and mentally, and are forced to find a loving acceptance of who we are and where we are on our journey in life.

We find love for whatever we discover about ourselves on our mat so we can learn to strengthen our weaknesses and open our blockages.

When you become pregnant, this loving acceptance of Self grows, and we must realize from the moment we decide to have a baby, life is no longer about ourselves.

Instead, it is about the love we share and the love we teach our babies for others and 13680011_10153617089502553_2071438463532486995_oourselves.

Baby feels what you feel, even after birth.

So the more we learn to truly love ourselves, the more love we can share with others, and the more love your baby will feel and learn to share with the world.

The Beatles said it best, “Love is all you need.”

Yoga during pregnancy is filled with benefits for mind, body and baby.

Releasing endorphins, lowering and managing stress, and supporting mental and physical preparation for delivery are just a few perks of having a modified yoga practice.

jackypagonepregnancyWith yoga as a life-long companion, allow it to be there for you during your journey as a new mom. It will help you to be a better parent, and help your child learn tools they can use as they grow and become positive contributions to the world which we all share.

Jacky Pagone

Registered Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor with specialized training in Prenatal Fitness.

Founder and Director Yoga For Life Las Vegas, a non-profit committed to changing the

Jacky with Husband Kris
Jacky with Husband Kris

lives of children one breath at a time.

Mother of two children, both born at home.

Contact Jacky at:



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