About Alison B. Marsh

About Me

My name is Alison B. Marsh, blogger of YourPregnantCore.com

A few things about me:

  • I was born, raised, and live in Las Vegas, NV
  • My studio name is AM Pilates and Posture
  • I am the developer of Your Pregnant Core Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training, formerly known as DK Body Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training
  • I am married, and a mother of 5: 2 step children, 2 adopted children, and 1 biological
  • I gave birth to my only biological child, Zechariah, in July of 2015
  • I have been teaching Pilates since 2002
  • I have been teaching pre and postnatal Pilates since 2012
  • I LOVE to learn. I am one of those people who buys the discards from the library.
  • One of my favorite past times is browsing and hanging out at used book stores.

Why I began studying pregnancy and postnatal Pilates?

I began my love for studying pregnancy Pilates and fitness in 2011 when my husband and and I began trying to become pregnant, (adding to our family of 2 girls, my step-daughters.) I took a Stroller Strides certification at the 2011 IDEA Convention, a course on working out during pregnancy. This course introduced me to the book I now use as a primary resource, Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Dr. Clapp. (If you don’t have this book, I highly recommend you get it! It is the perfect primer to learning about exercise and pregnancy!)

Although we did not get pregnant right away, I continued to study and teach pregnant clients. In 2011 Dolly Kelepecz, founder of DK Body Balancing Method, asked us to develop a teacher training program for pregnancy, We developed and ran the first Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training in Las Vegas DK Body Pregnancy Pilates, in 2012. (In 2016, we changed the name to Your Pregnant Core Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training to accompany the teachers from around the world who are familiar with YourPregnantCore.com.)

In 2014 we welcomed Pilates instructor and certified nutritionist Delphine Perroud to our teaching team. Delphine teaches the updated nutrition portion of the training, in addition to Movements for a Gentle Birth.

In 2015 welcomed Paige Cook, OBGYN Registered Nurse, to the team as an instructor for the physiology portion of our training. Nurse Paige confirms the safety and validity of the teacher training content, offering the peace of mind that what we are teaching, and what students are learning is safe and beneficial.

I became pregnant with my son in October of 2014, beginning an experience that changed the way I created and taught the material I have studied for years. What I learned was that all pregnancies are different. That the majority of information found in books on pregnancy and fitness are generalizations to be used as a guideline when designing a program for pregnant women.

Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Social Work

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Associate of Arts in General Studies

Cuesta-San Luis Obispo, CA


Certified Posture Specialist

National Posture Institute


DK Body Pregnancy Pilates



Pre & Postnatal Exercise

Stroller Strides


Licensed Social Worker


Pilates Mat & Equipment Certified

DK Body Balancing Method


Thank you for investing your time in getting to know about this blog and about me!

I hope you find the content of Your Pregnant Core: Pre & Postnatal Pilates Education helpful!

Because YourPregnantCore.com is a newbie blog, I am working on boosting the amount of information and topics.

If you don’t find what your looking for, please leave a comment below about what you would like to see a post or video on! Or email me!

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Happy Hundreds!

Alison Marsh


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