THE CORE CONNECTOR'S ACADEMY Let's Get CLEAR on Diastasis Recti and Get Our Clients CONNECTED to their CORE

An On-Line, Interactive Course for PILATES INSTRUCTORS Who work with Pre and Postnatal Diastasis Recti Clients 

✧ Our PRE AND POSTNATAL MOMS NEED PILATES INSTRUCTORS WHO ARE CONFIDENT in what they are doing, especially around the vague subject of diastasis recti!

✧ They need YOU to guide them through this CONFUSING, FRUSTRATING, sometimes DEVASTATING AND DISCOURAGING issue, because most of the time, even their doctors don’t have clear answers for them!

Join your fellow pre and postnatal Pilates instructors in this

5 Week✧ LIVE✧ Interactive Course

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Gain CONFIDENCE, and CLARITY In DIAGNOSIS, PREVENTION, & RECOVERY OF Diastasis Recti in Pre and Postnatal Clients

 Inside The Core Connector's Academy, you will discover:

  • How to help your clients EFFECTIVELY tap into their deep supporting core muscles during your private sessions AND in your client's everyday activites. 
  • Not so obvious anatomy and physiology of diastasis recti and the core, and how it all fits in with the rest of the body, and environment - like sleep, hormones, and nutrition.
  • How to build your confidence in working with this special population, working through any road-blocks that keep you from giving your clients the best parts of you
  • How to market your new specialty of treating women with Diastasis recti, including how to position yourself as the expert in your city or on-line community.
  • Discover the real causes of Diastasis recti, and how you can tailor each client's training to their individual life-style.
  • How to help mom incorporate real-life into her training outside of the studio, including the physical and emotional demands of raising children, caring for a home, keeping husband happy, and other lifestyle challenges.

This isn't just an online course. 

This is an on-line, interactive experience with access to LIVE trainings where you will get the individual attention you may not normally get in an on-line course.

As a Founding Instructor, you get 5 WEEKS of PERSONALIZED attention around the specific questions and concerns you have about Diastasis Recti, including specific client issues. 

This Training Experience Includes:

  •  The Core Connector's Diastasis Recti Manual
  •  Private Facebook Group 
  •  10 or more LIVE Trainings 
  •  Action items with every lesson to apply what you learn quickly!
  •  Client Handouts
  •  Weekly LIVE Group Coaching 
  •  Business Promotion Advice
  •  Legal Advice and Resources
  •  Access to OBGYN Nurse Practitioner Paige Cook
  •  On-Going Access to Alison Marsh and Sharon Chapman, your diastasis recti specialists.

Meet Your Instructors:


 DK Body Balancing Method Certified Pilates Instructor - 2002

Pre and Postnatal Specialist 

Creator of The DK Body Pregnancy Pilates Method 2012

Founder of Your Pregnant Core LLC

Mother of 5 - 2 step-children, 2 adopted children, and 1 biological child whom has been the inspiration for her pre and postnatal studies.

After a cesarean section delivery of her son, Alison left the hospital 36 hours after her surgery, with little pain, and was cleared to begin easy exercise at 4 weeks postpartum

Alison attributes her quick, painless recovery to applying the Pilates principles before,during and quickly after her pregnancy.


BASI Certified Pilates Instructor - 

Education Specialist

Pre and Postnatal Specialist

Operations Manager of Your Pregnant Core LLC

Mother of 5 - 1 step child and 4 biological children via 4 c-sections. 

Sharon was told by her doctors that she would never regain feeling in her pelvic area again. 

After consistent attention to her pelvic floor via the Pilates method principles, and surrounding abdominal muscles, Sharon has proven her doctors wrong, regaining complete sensation in her pelvic area.

This course is a beta course, meaning that we are building the course week by week as we deliver it to you, LIVE. 

Once the course is recorded, you (of course) will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content, including any updates we make along the way. 

If you choose to join us, you will be part of our Founding Instructors group - which will provide you with personalized training for any specific issues you are having with clients of Diastasis Recti and other core connection issues. 

Your Founding Instructor Investment will be $147. Please e-mail us if you are interested in joining us

Questions? Let's Chat! 

Text Alison at 702-339-2809

 Sharon at 307-262-0369