? How do you feel about working with Pre and Postnatal Women?

? Fear Of Hurting Mom and/or Baby ?

? Not Sure How To Modify Exercises or how hard to push mom-to-be?

? Frustrated with mom's who want a 'QUICK FIX' in their postnatal recovery ? 

? Are you looking for a Pilates specific guide for working with this special population of pre and postnatal women? 

Or Maybe you already know how to work with pre & postnatal women, and you want the latest, research-based information.

Introducing the e-book we created FOR YOU:

The Pilates Instructor's Easy Reference Guide to Teaching Pre & Postnatal Women

Watch this short video to get a sneak peak into the contents of this 150 page, full-color guide!

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Ease Your Worries and Fears 

of Working with Pre & Postnatal Women 

Build your confidence and get clear 

on how to 

safely and effectively teach pre and postnatal women 

Learn the tools you need to navigate conversations 

with postnatal mom's who want a 'QUICK FIX'

with this Pilates Specific

 Easy Reference Guide 

Including a special section on Diastasis Recti 

What's Inside

  • Complete with 10 Chapters of pre and postnatal nuggets of information, This clickable PDF easy reference guide is designed to give you, the intelligent Pilates instructor, the tools YOU need to work with pre and postnatal women, SAFELY & CONFIDENTLY!
  • In just over 150 pages, I have organized this guide to be easy to digest, with the most important issues up-front.
  • This full-color guide is packed with pertinent information that you need to know NOW to safely work with pre and postnatal women. 
  • This guide has been a die-hard work-in-progress since 2014 written under the guidance of OBGYN Nurse Paige Cook to ensure all concepts, information, and exercises are safe and effective. 
  • Please e-mail me with any questions about the conent! AlisonB.Marsh@YourPregnantCore.com


If You Don’t Know Anything Else, Know This (Free Chapter)

  • Importance of Pilates in Preconception 
  • Why Pilates During Pregnancy 
  • Contraindications in Mid and Late Pregnancy 
  • Program Design 
  • Liability and Teaching Pregnant Women 


Pregnancy 101 -Terms and Definitions 

  • The Female Reproductive System
  •  Pregnancy terms and definitions.


Anatomy, Physiology, and Hormones 

  • Anatomy of the Core - Key Points to Remember
  • Physiology and Pregnancy - Key Points to Remember 
  • Hormones and Pregnancy- Key Points to Remember


MUST-TEACH Fundamental Concepts 

  • Breathing During Pregnancy: Lateral Thoracic Breathing 
  • Optimal Core Function: Hug the Baby – Free the Baby -Instructor Copy Client Copy
  • A statement from Nurse Paige Cook regarding the importance of teaching Hug the Baby
  • 7 Consequences of Slouching 


Common Problems, Complaints and Health Concerns & How Pilates Can Help

  •  3 Most Common Problems and Complaints 
  • Other Problems, Complaints, and Health Concerns listed in alphabetical order for easy reference.
  • The Cesearean Section Guide-Preparation and Recovery

Included in Chapter 5: !Special Section on Diastasis Recti! 

The Diastasis Recti guide includes the following:

  • The “Rec” Check – Checking for DR 
  • 3 Must-Teach Exercises for Prevention and Recovery 
  • Client Recovery Protocol Guide Overview organized in your client's own words:
  • Prevention - “I am trying to avoid it.” 
  • Prenatal Restoration - “I’m pregnant and I have it.” 
  • Postnatal Recovery - “I already had my baby and I have the split.” 

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Pre & Postnatal Exercise Goals, Focus and Overview 

  • Preconception & Early Pregnancy
  • First, Second and Third Trimester
  • First 6 Weeks After Birth 
  • 6 Weeks After Giving Birth and Beyond 


Other Considerations in Pre and Postnatal Clients 

  • Breastfeeding
  • Incorporating Cardio 
  • Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression  
  • Weight-Gain: Psychological Affects and How to Encourage Your Clients  


Postnatal Anatomy, And Recovery 

  • Deep Core Muscles
  • Postpartum Conditioning 
  • Recovery: Core and Posture 
  • Recovery: Pubic Symphysis 
  • Key Points to Remember 


The Mat, Prop and Big Ball Exercises

  •  Pre-Pilates-Foundations Preconception and First Trimester  
  •  Roller Exercises, Resistance Band,Rotator Cuff Exercises 
  •  2nd & 3rd Trimester Mat 
  • Cesarean Section Preparation Exercises 
  • Postnatal Early Recovery 2-6 Weeks 
  • Exercises to Prepare the Body How to Carry the Car Seat 
  • Postnatal 6 Weeks – 6 Months Core Recovery with Baby  


References and Resources

  • Recommended Reading
  • Resources 
  • References 
  • Meet the Team 
  • Alison B. Marsh, Founder 


The Pre and Postnatal Equipment Exercises

  • 2nd Trimester Reformer and Trapeze/Cadillac 
  • 3rd Trimester Reformer and Trapeze/Cadillac
  • Postnatal Reformer and Trapeze/Cadillac

About the Author

Alison and her son Zechariah

Alison B. Marsh

Alison is the CEO and founder of Your Pregnant Core LLC and has numerous accolades under her belt including a Bachelors in Dace Education, and a Bachelors in Social Work. 

She has been working with pre and postnatal women since 2002, and has been teaching Pilates instructors to do the same since 2012.

“Teaching pregnant women and new mommies is the most humbling experience. You have the opportunity to change 2 lives in one session. A happy, healthy mommy makes for a happy healthy baby. 

Many instructors are unsure about teaching pregnant and postpartum women, and feel a lot of fear as they do not want to hurt mom or baby.  

I wrote this reference guide for instructors who want CONFIDENCE in working with this amazing population.”

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Gain the confidence you need to start working with pre and postnatal women, with this clickable, downloadable, printable PDF guide.