video Video: Ease Your Achy Low-Back


This video is a series of standing movements to get the back warmed up, stretched, and improve your posture.

Postnatally, your body continues to recover from pregnancy, in addition to the many new, foreign movements that mommy-hood brings:

Video Sequence:

Movement 1- Roll-Down, Roll-Up – Targets Spine and Low-Back

Movement 2 – Squat with Roll-Up – Targets Glutes and Spine

Movement 3 – Diagonal Roll-Down – Targets right and left side of the low-back: Quadratus Lumborum (QL)

Movement 4 – Single Arm Wall Push-Up- Targets Lats and Triceps

Movement 5 – Chest Lift and Shoulder Stretch – Targets rotator cuffs and back.

Movement 6 – Roll-Up, Roll-Down (Same as first movement)

Movement 7 – Side Stretch pulling your arm

(Caution: Joints remain hyper flexible postnatal for up to 6 months through breast feeding due to lingering hormones (Relaxin, Estrogen, Progesterone). Use caution when stretching.)

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