8 Consequences of Slouching During Pregnancy

8 Consequences of Slouching During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, mom-to-be’s body is going through significant changes.

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Now more than any other time, your pregnant client needs to be working on that Pilates core strength, lengthening the spine, and breathing properly.

The following are 8 consequences of slouching (poor posture) during pregnancy. Rejoicing again that Pilates is amazing during and after pregnancy!

  1. Back Pain

  • Slouching compresses the spine, irritating nerves and tightening muscles
  • The extra weight during pregnancy, along with the release of the hormone relaxin, makes mom more susceptible than when she is not pregnant.
  1. Stomach Problems

  • Slouching compresses the internal organs, causing issues with proper digestion and other digestive issues
  • During pregnancy, the growing baby also causes compression to the internal organs.

    Organs during pregnancy
  1. Breathing Problems

  • Slouching impedes the diaphragm from expanding (descending), causing shallow “chest   breathing” and in turn causing problems related to breathing dysfunction
  • During Pregnancy it is even more difficult for mom to take deep breaths, for physical and physiological reasons.

Breath and Posture

Tight abdominal muscles or back muscles restrict the movement of the diaphragm during inhalation. Ribs act as spacers between the vertebre. When we inhale, the ribs pivot slightly allowing for expansion. Therefor, when you take a healthy inhale, the ribs pivot, slightly spreading the vertebre which lengthens the spine helping to keep it imageflexible.

The New Rules of Posture, Mary Bond

  1. Less Attractive

  • Jutting the chin forward causes a build up of unattractive fascia -a structure of   connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves   (Source:wikipedia.org)
  • During pregnancy, you want your pregnant clients to feel beautiful, because they are. If they are feeling down because of extra, necessary, weight they have gained, explain to them that by sitting or standing up straight, they instantly boost their physical appearance, as well as psychological.
  • Click here for a post about the psychological effects of weight gain during pregnancy.
  1. Tension Headaches

  • Caused by compression of the joints between the neck and the head
  • Hormones can also cause this common complaint of pregnancy. Poor posture just makes it more likely your pregnant client will get a headache.
  1. Poor Concentration

  • Compression of the joints causes restricted blood flow to the brain
  • Women during pregnancy already have a tendency towards forgetfulness and clumsiness. I had a client who went to work one morning, came back out after the workday was done, and found HER CAR STILL RUNNING!
  1. Hand and Wrist Issues

  • FHP compresses the area between the collar bone and arms restricting blood vessels that supply the hands causing pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrom is a common complaint of pregnancy due to similar reasoning.
  1. Low Energy

  • We were not designed to sit still-our bodies crave movement!
  • Moving is the number one thing pregnant women can do to keep their energy up! Great marketing point here!

Posture really is everything for everyone, pregnant or not. But during pregnancy, it can make the difference between feeling amazing or horrible. And practicing good posture during pregnancy will carry over to feeling good postnatal, when your client starts carrying baby, and all the heavy, awkward gear around. Click here to see my video on How to Conquer the Baby Carrier.

I’m sure there are more consequences we could list.

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