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5 Exercises for child carrying induced low-back pain.

Pain is in the right sacral area.

4 Core Muscles:


Pelvic Floor



Primary Muscles that connect to the sacrum

Lattisumus Dorsi

Pelvic Floor

5 Exercises:

  1. Big Ball

    1. Inhale – Push the Big-Ball Out – , Exhale – Pull-Back in with the pelvic floor

  2. Big Ball-Side to Side

    1. Inhale – fall to the side,

    2. Exhale – Pull-Back with the transverse abs.

  3. Single-Leg dip

    1.  Inhale – Legs at Tabletop  – dip one leg,

    2. Exhale – Lift with low-abs

  4. Pelvic Tilting – Legs Straight, and Legs Bent

    1. Inhale – Neutral

    2. Exhale – C-Curve

  5. Basic Contraction

    1. Inhale – Neutral

    2. Exhale – Lift upper body

How to proper sit up from a laying down position – keeping hips and ribs in line.

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