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I want to share my list of the resources I have used during my deep study and exploration on diastasis recti,
in addition to resources that share invaluable information on the core, and exercise during pregnancy.
With your intelligence as an instructor, and your ability to understand conditions such as DR from a movement perspective,
…you will be able to read and watch information with a unique point-of-view,
…gathering your own conclusions and coming up with your own ability to understand the condition
 …so that it becomes ingrained in your being.
The more often you read and take in information related to pregnancy and postnatal health, the more confident you will be working with this population.

Here is a summary of the resources listed below:

  • Groups
  • Books
  • Websites and Links
  • Research
  • Videos
  • Exercises

Here we go! Enjoy!


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Diastasis Recti: The Whole Body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation

by Katie Bowman  2016

The most up-to-date, comprehensive book explaining in finite detail what DR is anatomically, how it develops, what to do and what not to do to “fix” it.

The Pilates Pregnancy

by Mari Winsor with Mark Laska 2001

The first 2 chapters, Tools for Life and The Joy of Movement are invaluable relating to the core, importance of proper breathing, hormones – all the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy and after. All concepts that contribute to a healthy linea alba (connective tissue that stretches beyond normal, resulting in a DR)

The Pregnant Body Book

DK Publishing 2011

The go-to resource for THE Most AMAZING images!!

Website Links:  Katie Bowman

Diastasis Recti – Under Pressure  

Podcast Episode Transcripts

MuTu System Website:

An in-depth description of diastasis recti. I encourage you to browse this site under the ‘resources’ tab. It is full of information on pre and postnatal health, including great downloadable pictographs.

Our Diastasis Series here at 

Diastasis Recti-Should Pregnant Women Do Sit-Ups? – Part 1 of 3

Diastasis Recti Prevention – Does Exercise Before and During Pregnancy Prevent DR? -Part 2 0f 3

 Can you “fix” Diastasis Recti? 2 Concepts to Restore the Core-Part 3 of 3 

Ready Set MAMAS!

Pre and Postnatal Fitness Training in NJ- Jaymie Gerard – kindly released the right for me to use her custom info graph. Check out her site, and definately visit her if you are in the NJ area



Effects of Abdominal Exercises versus Abdominal Supporting Belt on Post-Partum Abdominal Efficiency and Rectus Separation [Diastasis Recti]

Prevalence Of Diastasis Of The Rectus Abdominis Muscles Immediately Postpartum: Comparison Between Primiparae [One Pregnancy] And Multiparae [Two Or More Pregnancies]

Treatments For Preventing And Treating Low‐Back And Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

(Click Here for my Full List of Research based articles on pre and postnatal health)


Pelvic Floor Demystified – Katie Bowman

Should Pregnant Do Sit-Ups? Collaborating with Medical Professionals – (that’s us!)

Podcast Episodes:

A New Perspective on Diastasis Recti

That concludes our list of diastasis recti resources.

Do you have an up -to-date resource pertaining to diastasis recti?

We would love to know!

Please share in the comments below!

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