7 Pre-Conception Benefits of Pilates, Focus Before Pregnancy, and Exercises You Should Be Teaching

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Do you have clients who are talking about getting pregnant?

The following information will help you to prepare your client for pregnancy.

7 Benefits to Pilates BEFORE Pregnancy

  1. Develop a strong, resilient pelvic floor and core, including the diaphragm with proper breathing techniques. -We know that the above is the foundation of the Pilates method, and why Pilates is the best choice of exercise during pregnancy.

2. Reduce or eliminate common pains and complaints that arise during pregnancy such as back pain and extreme fatigue.

3. Physical changes Are Better Tolerated 

-Mixed feelings about gaining weight
Pregnant woman looking in mirrorand other changes that happen to the body, such as stretch marks, may be better tolerated due to mom’s positive psychological state – a common effect of regular, ‘feel-good’ exercise. (See The Beauty of Weight Gain blog post.)

4. Pilates focuses on movement from the core. 

-This guarantees that the 50% of increased blood-flow is directed towards the baby, rather then away from the core when working on individual muscles.

5. Reduce chance of developing Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, and incontinence after pregnancy.

6. Quicker recovery

– Mom’s postnatal body will be better able to bounce back due to the proper conditioning of the muscle tissue and fascia that stretch during pregnancy.

7. Client can continue Pilates through her first trimester (with dr. approval) making the first trimester much more manageable.

-The ACOG recommends that women do not start a new exercise program until about the 16th week of pregnancy (2nd Trimester) due to an increase in the chance of miscarriage.


  • Good understanding of the pelvic floor
  • Good understanding of lateral thoracic breathing
  • Strong feet and ankles
  • Strong back, abs, and glutes
  • Awesome, beautiful postureYoung woman training in gym with fitball

Recommended Exercises:

All of the following exercises are excellent for building a pre-conception body.

Pelvic Tilts

-Helps in understanding neutral pelvis.


-Lengthens the spine, pelvic and core stability


-Inner-thigh strength

Upper Torso Lift

-Upper Back


-Back strength

Pelvic Lifts

-Pelvic Stability

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