Your Pregnant Core Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training

Dolly Kelepecz developer of DK Body Balancing Method &

Alison Marsh of present:

The Your Pregnant Core Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training

With Instructors:
Sharon Chapman, Education Specialist
Your Pregnant Core Pregnancy Pilates focus:
·      Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy – Strengthening and stretching core muscles that are crucial for handling the many changes with ease, helping pregnant women achieve a strong, healthy mind and body before and during her pregnancy.
·      Labor and Birth – Exercises and movements to assist in a gentle labor and birthing experience.
·      Postnatal – Strengthen and repair the abdominal wall and pelvic muscles that have been stretched and strained in postpartum women, assisting in a quick recovery after birth. Also, safe, healthy ways of moving with baby, including the awkward car seat, and breast feeding experience.
·      Caring, attentive, educated Instruction – Tips on working with pregnant and postpartum women.

The Your Pregnant Core Pregnancy Pilates Method:

  • Is designed to offer women a form of exercise that is safe and beneficial before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • This training program will cover the anatomical and physiological changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, and
  • Specific exercises that will support a woman through her pregnancy,
  • Resulting in a calm, strong, and balanced mind and body.

!A new section on diastasis recti is also included!

During pregnancy the woman’s body goes through significant changes. 

The pregnant body is flooded with a variety of hormones that drastically change the way the body functions, ultimately affecting the way a woman feels.

With the growth of the fetus come major shifts in the body:

  • The organs are pushed up and compacted,
  • The abdominal wall separates-Diastasis Recti (in some cases),
  • And the woman’s center of gravity is thrown off causing strain in the low back.

The latter are only a few of the many changes the pregnant body undergoes.

Organs during pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a wondrous time in a woman’s life!

The Your Pregnant Core Pregnancy Pilates Method,

along with your, unique, educated, attentive instruction,

will assist in giving your women clients the mind and body necessary to experience a safe, healthy pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum recovery!


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